Extensive conference program

The conference program will increasingly take shape in the near future. During the two days, various lectures will be given in 3 rooms. Some of the themes that will be discussed during Materials+Eurofinish+Surface are:

  • Special coatings
  • Corrosion mechanisms
  • High Tech
  • Production and process automation
  • Pre-treatments
  • Materials
  • Inspections and tests
  • 3D printing
  • Laws and regulations
  • Masterclass color
  • Masterclass corrosion

Do you have questions about the program? Are you interested in giving a lecture? Then you can contact:

Egbert Stremmelaar - ION
+31 (0)30 - 630 03 90

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Participate in the Meet & Match

Enterprise Europe Network organizes an international b2b matchmaking during Eurofinish + Materials, in collaboration with Mikrocentrum, VOM and The purpose of the Meet & Match event is to find relevant contacts throughout the sector.

A number of reasons why you should not miss this Meet & Match event:

  • The opportunity to meet many interesting contacts in a short time.
  • The possibility to discuss your project idea and / or business proposition in more detail in bilateral half-hour face-to-face discussions. Your prepared conversation will give you much more than just exchanging your business card.
  • Meeting key people from the entire chain: from supplier to machine builder to farmer & grower to food industry
  • Further development of your national and international network.
  • The combination of the exhibition, the congress and the Meet & Match conversations makes the event ideal for tailor-made networking. A number of the very interesting speakers also take part in the Meet & Match.

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ION Borghardt Award 2021

Materials+Eurofinish+Surface co-organizer Vereniging ION will once again present the ION Borghardt Award in 2021. This award recognizes innovations in surface treatment. This year the emphasis is on the following themes: sustainability (circular economy), craftsmanship, collaboration (chain optimisation) and innovative in market introduction.

The presentation of this award will take place at the Benelux network event Materials+Eurofinish+Surface 2021. Due to the Benelux character, not only Dutch, but also Belgian companies are challenged to submit their innovations. As a company, you do not need to be a member of Vereniging ION, VOM or the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform to compete for the Award.

Six nominees for the ION Borghardt Award 2021 have been announced:

  • AD International in collaboration with Spuiterij Munsters
  • Chemetall
  • HS Protect
  • Jonkman Coating
  • Kluthe Benelux
  • Q-fin

Submit your challenge to the Coating and Materials Doctors

Materials+Eurofinish+Surface is the place where you will find all aspects for a good and durable end product. During the (re) development of a product, the choice of the right material and finish is essential. In this process you will encounter a number of crucial questions or challenges. Do you have such a question? Then submit it to our coating and material doctors.


Innovation Seminar

 Wednesday 15 September | 12.30 - 14.00h. | room 4 Hartog

afbeelding bij Innovation Seminar2



On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the Enterprise Europe Network will organize an Innovation Seminar. The Innovation Seminar concerns technology offers, technology requests and the search for project partners in the field of (new) materials, material/polymer processing (including recycling), material analysis, surface treatment and binding techniques.

During the Innovation Seminar, companies and research organizations can present their innovation in a short elevator pitch presentation. The duration of the pitch is approximately 5 minutes. During the pitch sessions, companies and researchers present who they are, what the core business of their organization is, what their innovation idea/question and/or project idea is and what type of (inter)national partners they are looking for.

Visiting and participating in the Innovation Seminar is free of charge.

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