Discover which surface techniques best suits your product

Coatings are directly connected with the outside world. Anti-corrosive coatings on metal substrates, wear-resistant coatings on top of a drill and layers of paint on a house, both decorative and functionally protective, are just a few examples. The surface techniques for applying these layers to an object, or for modifying the surface of an object itself, such as for surface hardening, are closely related to the materials you use. An expertise in itself!

On Materials + Eurofnish, you will become acquainted with both existing and new surface techniques. This can be done during the 40 knowledge sessions, among more than 140 exhibitors and at the demo areas.

Discover the following surface treatments at Materials+Eurofinish+Surface 2020

When talking about the surface treatment of materials, a number of challenges arise. Think of adjusting the appearance, changing the dimensions, changing properties and costs. The following surface techniques can be found at Materials+Eurofinish+Surface 2020:

  • Galvanizing
  • Heat treatment
  • Galvano techniques
  • Coating and lacquering techniques
  • Diffusion treatments
  • Cleaning techniques
  • Make antistatic
  • Laser cladding
  • (micro) plasma
  • Anodising
  • PVD
  • CVD
  • Sublimation technology